I fly on scary dates.

I fly on scary dates. I also fly on 9/11.

Flying on certain dates and with certain airlines, can often save you a lot of money. And your trip will be just as safe as any other trip.

Fly on the 13th.

I just flew to Costa Rica, via London last week. The fare I paid was around 200€ cheaper than on all the other dates around it. Why? I flew on the 13th. It’s amazing how much cheaper it can be to fly on that day. Amazingly enough, some people really think that it’s more risky to do anything on the 13th. Most airports also do not have gate 13. This is to avoid superstitious people refusing to get on to the plane. If the 13th falls on a Friday, then things are just better in terms of low prices :-). I have worked in travel & tourism for more than 20 years and tried this trick many times, when booking tickets or changing travel dates. Almost always plenty of space on the planes on the 13th. The chance of getting an empty seat next to you is also a lot greater if you fly on the 13th. I had an empty seat next to me both when I went to London and Costa Rica last week, by the way.

Fly on 9/11.

This is where some people are even more scared.

But honestly guys. More than 16 years have passed since it happened. And we have not had any hijackings of airlines since then, on that particular day.

Airlines have tighter security on that day too. So it’s probably the safest day you can fly all year. But I am telling you that I have found cheap deals and lot’s of availability on planes, when you fly on 9/11.


Fly with airlines that just had an accident.

Now I am moving in to an area where some people might not agree with me. But aviation accidents happen from time to time. They are very rare though. Especially when compared to how many thousands of flights are in the air every day.

As long as you make sure that the airline you fly is not blacklisted by various countries because of lack of security, then you are totally ok.

I flew Air Asia from Lombok to Kuala Lumpur a couple of years ago. Air Asia had a crash a couple of weeks before that (first and only deadly crash they ever had until now). But the plane was almost empty and I paid very little for my ticket, even if I booked it last minute. It was a very pleasant flight by the way. You can check if an airline has a safety record that is so bad that it is banned in the EU. The list is Here   


So my friends: These were a few scary travel tips from me. I have used them with success over many years and I am still here to tell the story. Of course you might find expensive tickets on the 13th sometimes, so please don’t beat me up if these tips do not always work. But trust me. They work quite often.

Happy flying 🙂


Flying is safe all year round.

Flying is safe all year round.


  1. Good tips, Claus. I was also tempted to book Malaysian Airlines after their second incident because people really avoided them.

  2. Think United Airlines after the numerous snafu’s a couple months ago. Cheap ticket holidays!

    • I don’t fly airlines that does not provide free food and free alcohol on oversea flights though. I’m fine flying om 9/11, but flying for 9-10 hours without wine. Hell no 🙂

  3. good advice !!!

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