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dating bremen Skarø.

Skarø is a small island in southern Denmark that has only 32 inhabitants. 2 of them are my cousins though, so I visit the island frequently. And I totally love the place.

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Skarø Island is only 1,97 square kilometer and the highest point is 9 meters above sea level. So we are talking a very small island and a very small community here. But it’s really charming and most buildings are houses that used to be small farms. Many of them have thatched roofs.

The ferry going to Skarø.

rencontres librairie lille The ferry going to Skarø.

The island sees a fair number of visitors during summer. But you also have some business on the island that is not tourist related. One of my cousins still farms on the island and produces high quality organic farm produce. His strawberries and raspberries mainly go to another business on the island, which is a small ice-cream  factory. Skarø Ice-cream is handmade organic ice-cream that is being sold around Denmark and also in Singapore of all places. Skarø ice-cream delivers ice-cream to Singapore Airlines and even to an ice-cream vendor in Singapore. The ice-cream factory also has a nice little cafe and a little shop with some local products.

The Skarø Ice-cream factory.

home The Ice-cream factory.

Skarø is located close to the town Svendborg, on the much bigger island Fyn. The ferry ride to Svendborg takes around 30 minutes, so some of the inhabitants commute to Svenborg for work. The ferry is free for the permanent residents on the island and only non residents pay for the ferry ride.

On the way to the ferry, using local transport. On the way to the ferry, using local transport.

Skarø has an annual music festival that draws hundreds of people to the island. It’s called Love In and features well known danish names and the occasional foreign musician too. Very nice festival that I have attended a couple of times.

The island has a little church and there is a bit of war history there. Two British RAF fighters are buried there, after their plane was shot down off the coast of Skarø during world WW2.

Two RAF solderis from WW2 are buried on Skarø.

you could check here Two RAF solderis from WW2 are buried on Skarø.

This is a part of Denmark that very few foreign visitors see. Denmark is mostly known for it’s hipster environments in Copenhagen, but this is a whole other world. If you need to be transported around the island for instance, then my cousins old tractor is what is mostly being used. You will hardly meet any cars if you walk around the island, but you will see plenty of wildlife, such as pheasants, hares and many seabirds. 

Sea kayaking is very popular around Skarø.

rencontres femmes 65 ans et plus Sea kayaking is very popular around Skarø.

I am myself a big fan of Copenhagen too, but when I need to wind down and slow down life, then I visit Skarø. You should try it too. It totally rocks at it’s own slow pace.

House with a thatched roof.

check this link right here now House with a thatched roof.

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