street art mexico

Street art in Puebla, Mexico.

I really enjoy street art. Especially when I do not know that it is there, but it just pops up when I turn a random corner on my travels. Here is some of the street art I have encountered around the world, on my travels.

Street art in Senegal.

street art senegal

Street art in Dakar.

I don’t know why, but I was not really expecting street art when I came to Senegal. But there was actually quite a lot of it. Especially in the capital city Dakar. What I saw was certainly not set up by city councils or sponsors. It was the real deal, on random walls around the city and along highways. Quite a bit of it had political undertones, where politicians and multinational companies were being criticised. I really enjoyed walking down random roads in Dakar, just to see what they came up with on the next wall that I passed.

Senegalese street art.

Senegalese street art.

Penang is a street art Mecca.

Penang in Malaysia is world famous for its street art. Many famous street artists have been to the island to decorate house walls. Penang was also one of the first places that really became known for being a street art city. Penang is also an absolutely wonderful place in so many other ways. So make sure to make your way one day to this wonderful part of the world.


Probably the most famous example of street art in Penang.

Ipoh is almost as big as Penang on street art these days.


You gotta love those cheeky kids in Ipoh.


I love the art in Ipoh.

This is also in Malaysia. But not quite as well known as the street art in Penang. But Ipoh really has a lot of nice street art. And it also happens to be one of the nicest cities in Malaysia, if you ask me. If you travel between Kuala Lumpur and Penang, then make sure to treat yourself to a stop in Ipoh. They also make good coffee there :-). 

street art ipoh

Sport meets street art in Ipoh.



Ipoh street scene.

street art mechanic

Even the car mechanics have street art on their buildings in Malaysia.

Mexico rocks.

Mexico is in many ways where all this took off. In the 1920’s and 30’’s, Diego Rivera (Frida Kahlo’s husband) painted huge murals all over Mexico City. And I kinda think that this was where the trend started spreading to the rest of the world. 

The street art from Mexico that I post here is from Puebla. A city that is often forgotten, because it’s next to the much bigger Mexico City. But Puebla is certainly worth a visit as well. 

Puebla street art

Street art in Puebla, Mexico.

Street art can be football related as well.

This is from Rio de Janeiro, where fans of the football club Botafogo have painted the street walls with motifs from their beloved club.


Botafogo wall in Rio de Janeiro.

Portugal is booming with street art.

Portugal has really been booming in recent years. Not just with street art. But also in many other ways. The combination of being multicultural, fairly cheap and having a good climate has attracted the world of hipsters to the country. In particular to Lisbon. And there is street art in all major towns and cities these days. Wonderful country that I visit several times a year.

painted door funchal

Painted door in Funchal, Madeira.

Street art in Evora, Portugal.

Lisbon art

And in Lisbon.

Even Bosnia has it.

Sarajevo street art.

Sarajevo street art.

wall mostar

Wall in Mostar.

And cats are almost as popular on walls as on Youtube.


Helsingborg cat

Helsingborg in Sweden has cats on some walls.


glasgow cat

Cute cat art in Glasgow.

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