Sunset Cape Sounion.A spectacular sight.

Sunset at Cape Sounion. A spectacular sight.

One of the best sunset spots you will ever come across is at Cape Sounion in Greece.

If you are in Athens and want to see a spectacular sunset, then you should head to Cape Sounion. Cape Sounion is  couple of hours by bus from Athens (a little less if you drive yourself). The combination of a spectacular sea view with an ancient temple as a backdrop makes the sunset at Cape Sounion one of the more spectacular things you can experience when visiting Greece.

Why is there a Poseidon temple at Cape Sounion?

Cape Sounion is by the mouth of the Saronic Gulf. And deep inside the Saronic gulf is Athens. That has made Cape Sounion a very important lookout for thousands of years. Especially 2500 years ago, where the Persian army tried to conquer Athens several times. The Athenians were always there on the lookout for the Persian navy. As well as looking out for any other passing vessels. And when you had to be friends with the sea in ancient Greece, then you would need a Poseidon temple, as Poseidon was the god of the sea. The temple that stands there now is roughly 2500 years old. There was a temple standing there prior to the one now. That was destroyed by the Persian army, just before the battle of Salamis. But the battle of Salamis was won by the Athenians in one of the most epic battles in naval history. And after the victory, the great Athenian leader Pericles decided to build the temple that stands there now.

Poseidon temple Cape Sounion.

The Poseidon temple at Cape Sounion.

Watching the sunset at Cape Sounion is something that many people have on their itinerary. But most people never make it, as Cape Sounion is a little out of the way, when you are visiting Athens. But that just means that those of us who do bother to go there, will not have to battle too many crowds. Do not expect to be at Cape Sounion all by yourself though. It is after all one of the most famous sunset points in all Greece. But the crowds there are acceptable.

You won’t be the only one watching the sunset at Cape Sounion.

Staying overnight at Cape Sounion.

If you do not want to head back to Athens after watching the sunset at Cape Sounion, then you have a few hotel options. Just like you have quite a few private rooms for rent. If you are on a strict budget, then you might want to travel back to Athens the same day, as accommodation prices at Cape Sounion then to be a little higher than Athens. But if you can afford then I would certainly recommend you to spend the night at Cape Sounion. Then you can also have the sunrise there the next day :-).


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