Funky cafe in Telliskivi.

Tallinn is famous for it’s well preserved medieval city center. And rightly so. But there is a different part of Tallinn that you should also pay a visit to. It’s called Telliskivi.

Right behind the train tracks at Tallinn railway station there is a place called Telliskivi. When I first saw the place, I almost thought I was at the hippie community Christiania in Copenhagen.  A part of Tallinn with Old abandoned industrial buildings and train carriages, with cafes, restaurants, art galleries and shops inside. Telliskivi does not seem to have all the marihuana that Christiania in Copenhagen has though. It’s also a little more upscale than you would think at first.

Cafe in Telliskivi.

Cafe in an abandoned train.

Telliskivi is where the alternative crowd in Tallinn thrives. There are a plethora of really cool cafes, restaurants, alternative shops and galleries that makes the place very vibrant. There is also a nearby open market, right next to the train station. That is worth visiting too. 

Street art.

Street art in Telliskivi.

I have visited Telliskivi a few times during the past year, as I have been to Tallinn 3 times. My two favourite places in Telliskivi are the restaurant F-Hoone and the beer bar called Pudel. These are both rustic places that serve food and drinks of a very high quality. They are also very hipster. This actually interests me less. I can’t really give a toss about being hipster or not. But if you produce high quality food and drink, then you will find me there, as long as the prices are ok. The prices are sure fine for me, even here. Estonia is just cheap. Even if you are in the hipster part of town.


F-Hoone restaurant in Telliskivi.

So if you are heading to Tallinn, then I highly suggest that you pay a visit to Telliskivi too. Once you are done visiting the old part of the city. It’s well worth it. And it’s right behind the train station, so it’s quite easy to find as well. Tallinn is not just a city that lives in the past. It also has a very creative scene, once you look past all the old buildings.

street art Telliskivi

There is lot’s of street art in Telliskivi.

Rubik Cube in Tallinn.

They even have a Rubik Cube there.

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  1. Was just at F-Hoon a few days ago. Good times. Now all they need is a place to play board games there…

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