You should visit Lake Bohinj this year

You should Visit Lake Bohinj this year.

Lake Bohinj is in Slovenia. And it’s one of the prettiest places in Europe. And the number of tourists there is still at a pleasant level.

I have had quite a few people writing me the past few weeks, asking me for ideas for this upcoming summer holiday. One place that is perfect if you like the great outdoors is Slovenia. And while Lake Bled is very pretty, it’s also becoming very very popular. So if you want a place that has not been discovered by the masses yet, then visit Lake Bohinj.

Where is Lake Bohinj?

Lake Bohinj is located in Northwest Slovenia. It’s inside the Triglav national park. Triglav is also the highest mountain of Slovenia. and on a clear day at lake Bohinj, you have a fantastic view of mount Triglav.

Nice view of Triglav national park, when you visit Lake Bohinj.

Nice view of Triglav National park from the lake, when you visit lake Bohinj

The lake is a little over 4 kilometers long and quite narrow. so it’s not a huge lake. But the scenery surrounding the lake is what draws people. There is an old stone bride at one end of the lake, with a church behind it. Together with the scenic mountain backdrop, this is a very popular stop for visitors.

Bridge Bohinj

The stone bridge and the church at lake Bohinj.

Slovenia is an outdoor nation. This is one of the reasons why I love to return to this country time after time. And at Lake Bohinj it shows. There are quite a few water sports activities by the lake, such as kayaking, paddle boarding and several other things. And there are nice hiking paths around the lake as well. Just like you can head up the Julian Alps that surround the lake from the lakeshore.

boat Bohinj.

There are small electrical boats doing tours around the lake.

Where to stay at Lake Bohinj.

During my last visit to Lake Bohinj I staled at Bohinj Eco Hotel.. The Bohinj Eco hotel is a really nice 4 star mountain resort with lot’s of facilities. Perfect place to stay if you enjoy being active on your holidays, but want some court too. It’s 3-4 kilometers from the lake shore. I enjoyed walking down to the lake and back. But some people might want to have their own vehicle if they stay there. But I can only recommend the place. Great place with very nice staff as well.

Bohinj Eco Hotel.

Bohinj Eco Hotel.

So if you want to holiday by one of the most scenic mountain lakes in the world this year. Then I would suggest lake Bohinj.

Statue Bohinj.

Statue of the first men who climbed mount Triglav.


  1. Very pretty scenery – I can see why you like it so much!

  2. I agree that this part of Slovenia is beautiful but often overlooked. We visited Bohinj on a day trip from Lake Bled in 2017. Looks like you were there when the weather was much better, but even with the overcast skies we had while there, Bohinj was beautiful! Thanks for sharing your great photos!

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