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By the riverfront in Gdansk.

follow link By the riverfront in Gdansk.

I have just spend a few days visiting Gdansk and that was a very positive experience.


Gdansk is often overlooked by other Polish cities, such as Krakow or Warsaw. But that does not mean that it’s not worth visiting. It’s a very pleasant city by the Baltic sea, that has a very interesting history and has been the venue of some world changing events.

The main pedestrian street in Gdansk.

arrotondare lo stipendio opzioni binarie The main pedestrian street in Gdansk.

The second world war started by Gdansk.

In september 1939, Nazi Germany attacked the free city of Danzig, as Gdansk was called back then. The battle was at Westerplatte, where you have several memorials today for that event. I would recommend taking one of the tour boats to Westerplatte if you are visiting Gdansk, as most of them stop by Westerplatte.

Memorial at Westerplatte.

get link Memorial at Westerplatte.

The famous shipyards of Gdansk.

On the way to Westerplatte, you will pass by the famous shipyard where the electrician Lech Walesa started organising strikes in the 1970’s and 80’s. these strikes were one of many things things that helped to trigger the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. The shipyards in Gdansk are still working and the place is massive.

Gdansk shipyard.

follow site Gdansk shipyard.

The old part of Gdansk.

The old part of Gdansk has been restored in recent years and is very petty and charming. The river Vistula runs through it and there is a very nice riverfront with restaurants and cafes. If you are visiting Gdansk, then I recommend that you stay either in, or within walking distance from the old part of the city.

The old crane in Gdansk.

http://armor-deck.net/edikpedik/1987 The old crane in Gdansk.

Food and drink is very affordable in Gdansk.

One thing that I really enjoyed, was that my budget was not strained too much, even if I ate at restaurants twice a day. The price for food and drink is very reasonable, when compared to other european cities. And I had some really good food when I was in Gdansk. If you like fish, then you can have some excellent quality for a very reasonable price, even at the better restaurants in town.

Excellent codfish in Gdansk.

rencontres en ligne Excellent codfish in Gdansk.

So get you ass down to Gdansk.

It’s worth it. 🙂


Gdansk is a maritime city.

follow site Gdansk is a maritime city.

Ferris wheel in Gdansk.

here Ferris wheel in Gdansk.

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  1. That soup looks SO good. We do soup in bread bowls all the time in Boston. Is it just…cheese? I’m on board with that.

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