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San Marino is a tiny country that is all surrounded by Italy, but despite that, it really has it’s own charm and I truly enjoyed visiting to San Marino.

San Marino is the oldest country in Europe.

San Marino is history.

beur fm site de rencontre San Marino is history.

San Marino has existed for more than 1700 years as a nation after the stonecutter Marinus founded the country while he was fleeing the romans because of his christian faith.

Amazingly, it has managed to remain independant and these days it’s residing on a mountain top near the italian holiday town Rimini.

When I was visiting San Marino, I took the bus from Rimini to San Marino, which runs several times a day and takes less than an hour for the journey.

I got up to San Marino and the bus parked just below the old city center. I had reserved a room in a little family run hotel in the historical center of San Marino and I was really happy that i had done this.

La Grotta Hotel was totally a hotel of my liking, with a wonderful old grandmother running the place and a room that was very comfortable. And the location of La Grotta Hotel is unbeatable.

The old historical center of San Marino is very picturesque, with winding medieval streets and a castle on top.

San Marino.

here San Marino.

And if you are visiting San Marino, then you might also want to do some shopping, as taxes are low in San Marino.

Shopping in san Marino.

see url Shopping in san Marino.

Being an independant country, it also has several consulates from around the world. I loved seeing this international flavour in a place that is in many ways quite provincial.

The Mexican consulate in San Marino. The Mexican consulate in San Marino.

I am not a person who travels the world to watch famous monuments and buildings. I like to just be present and feel the vibe of a place and I was pleasantly surprised that San Marino had more of a vibe than I initially thought, so I would definitely recommend visiting San Marino. San Marino is a small place with a lot of charm and visiting San Marino is not just something you do in order to say that you have been to one more country. You might actually think this when you go there, but explore the place and you will find out that San marino is much more than just getting another stamp in the passport.

And the pizza was good too 🙂

Nice cafe I went to when visiting San Marino.

see Nice cafe I went to when visiting San Marino.


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  1. I didn’t know it was a country… always thought it to be a town or city. Great info here and I am keen to visit now. The old charm in the town is very much evident in the pictures.

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