My weird souvenir from the Trans Siberia railway.

My weird souvenir from the Trans Siberia railway.

I have a packet of sugar cubes from the Trans Siberian railway. And it’s from 1991 and the sugar inside is still intact. I think this qualifies as a weird souvenir :-).

Souvenirs is not really for me. I travel 365 days a year and  have no home. But I have a few boxes with things at my fathers house in Denmark. And there are a few weird souvenirs that I like. Only because it’s a weird souvenir.

One thing I like in particular is  a small packet of sugar cubes. I took it from the dinner table onboard the Trans Siberian Railway back in 1991. So I did not even pay for my favourite souvenir.

I did originally take it because I thought it was pretty cool that there was a picture of the train on the packet. When I returned to Denmark, I put it in a drawer at my parents house. It ended up among some old papers, so it stayed in a dry place. I only found it several years later. And then I started to really like it. So I have kept my weird souvenir in a safe and dry place since then. I’m wondering if it’s still good enough to eat, or use for my coffee. I do not know if sugar can get too old.

What I like about it, is that it’s so unique. Because all the other sugar produced for the Trans Siberian Railway back in 1991 has for sure been eaten or just melted away since then. Unless there is some other nerd around who likes weird stuff 🙂

So, if you have any spare space back at home and travel a lot. Then leave a few odd things from your travels in a dry place that you only look at every few years. If you do that, then you will have a good laugh in a few years time, when you open it up 🙂

Happy travels with your weird souvenir.

Me and my weird souvenir.

Me and my weird souvenir.

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  1. Go ahead and eat it, if you do not ant to keep the souvenir. Sugar never expire. It is a very pure product.

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