Welcome to Cafe Globen.

Jumping with joy at Cafe Globen.

Cafe Globen.

 My friends and I  have a cafe where we host travel talks, couch surfer meets, international parties and just have a nice steady flow of danish and international people coming to the cafe because they love to travel and love to share their passion for travel with other people while having a drink.

The cafe is non profit by the way and we work for free behind the bar and only pay the people who do the dirty work with cleaning and such.

This way we can keep it a fun thing to run and not a business where we have to constantly think more about making money than having fun, cause we started this place cause we wanted to have fun.

Before Cafe Globen started we had a group of friends who had been meeting every month to talk about our love for traveling but we had the idea that if we had our own cafe to meet in then we would attract more like minded people, so we started a cafe back in 2005 for people who like to travel and 9 years later we are still here after a lot of hard work and a lot of fun.

Cheers from Cafe Globen.

Cheers from Cafe Globen.


Starting a cafe was not easy.

 When we started a cafe back in 2005 we sort of had the idea that if you drum up a few thousand dollars for a cafe and then start running it then you will have profit right away and boy were we wrong.

Starting a cafe is one of the hardest business things you can ever do as you have so much competition and if you do not know what you are doing then the pros will run you over in a minute.

We surely got run over in a minute and we were virtually bankrupt within 2 months of starting the cafe and it was only cause were stubborn beyond belief that we survived the coming months by working out butts off.

It was not that we were doing anything that wrong but if you have a competitive market then there is no space for amateurs and this is what we were.

Only good thing for us was that we decided to stay put and learn and while losing money and this paid off in the end.


This our place and we welcome the world.

Guest bartender from Easter Island at Cafe Globen.

Guest bartender from Easter Island at Cafe Globen.

So today we have a cafe that is open every evening from monday till friday and sometimes during weekends if we have some party going.

Arne Runge at Cafe Globen talking about his latest adventures.

Arne Runge at Cafe Globen talking about his latest adventures.

Every thursday we have a person coming to talk about some trip they have done to some exotic part of the globe and 4-5 times a month couch surfing.org has people meeting there as well as we have various expat groups in Copenhagen dropping by from time to time.

Oktoberfest at Cafe Globen.

Oktoberfest at Cafe Globen.

Even if Cafe Globen is a small cafe with only space for 50 people we are actually the only place in Copenhagen where americans can register to vote other than the US embassy and we are known as THE place to spend american election night in Copenhagen even if we are not political. We just like to meet people from out of the country.

We have held parties there too to celebrate the independence day of Ghana, Mexico and Australia just to mention a few and please do not forget our annual Oktoberfest.

And we have had concerts with musicians far Brazil, Easter Island, Egypt, Ghana and Greenland just to mention a few and we have also hosted philippine karaoke nights at the cafe.

Philikppine karaoke at Cafe Globen.

Philikppine karaoke at Cafe Globen.

so if you ever happen to be in Copenhagen and want to meet up with some danes who like to meet the world then drop by our little cafe in Central Copenhagen and say hello.

We love micro brews at Cafe Globen.

We love micro brews at Cafe Globen.

We also specialize in danish micro brews in case you are a beer lover.


The adress of Cafe Globen is:

Turesensgade 2b




  1. A karaoke night! How…exciting LOL This is why I really hate it that I have a voice not even my mother loves. People hear I’m Filipino and they expect me to sing well. Pfft. LOL Great project, Claus. I wish I’d known about it when I was in Copenhagen 2 years ago.

  2. I think it’s a fantastic idea. we’ll make sure to visit!

  3. How fantastic! This sounds exactly like the type of place I would love to visit.

  4. What a great iniciative! Love the idea about travel cafe, never heard of it before but that’s because I never actually searched for it. Good luck! Everyghing sounds great!

  5. I can’t wait to check it out, both for the beer and the experience…I’ll have to see when I can get there on a Thursday. Do you post a schedule of events?

  6. Jeg er foedt i og opvokset i danmark. Da jeg var 20 aar (foedt 9/37) rejste jeg til en kibbutz i Israel og nu er jeg fast bofast i israel med mand, 2 boern og 6 boerneboern. Min niece hedder Miriam og hendes ven hedder claus og debor i helsingoer. Da jeg soegte efter dem i facebook saa fik jeg dig og det var interresant at laese om din cafe i kbh. Bare jeg havde set det foer for jeg var paa besoeg i danmark hos min bror i begyndelsen af september og saa ville jeg have besoegt din cafe. Men jeg kommer igen til naeste sommer. Jeg havde ikke lejlighed til at rejse da jeg var ung og da mine foraeldre levede saa rejste jeg enten til dem i danmark eller de kom paa besoeg i israel. Forst da jeg blev pensioneret og min mor doede for ca. 13 aar siden begyndte jeg at rejse 2 til 3 gange om aaret. Foerst de mere eksotiske steder som indien, kina, japan, tjailand, vietnam, cambodien, marocco, og i de siste par aar mest i europa. i aar har jeg besoegt sri lanka, sardinien og corsica, frankrig, danmark og sist i denne maaned rejser jeg til malta. Jeg rejser altid med en gruppe og guide. Jeg er jo ikke saa ung mere men heldighvis er jeg rask og har en god condition. og vil derfor rejse saa meget som muligt saa laenge jeg kan. Venlig jhilsen, Eva

  7. Would love to visit some day! 🙂

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