Harry Mitsidis to the left with the vest. Me in the middle. And Henrik Jeppesen to the right with the glasses.

Harry Mitsidis to the left with the vest. Me in the middle. And Henrik Jeppesen to the right with the glasses.

A few days ago I met up with Harry Mitsidis and Henrik Jeppesen. Two of the worlds greatest travelers of the 21st century.

I think I travel a lot. I have been to +75 countries and live on the road +300 days a year. But I had the pleasure of meeting up with two guys a few days ago at Cafe Globen in Copenhagen.  And they have really taken travel to the extreme.

Who is Harry Mitsides?

Harry Mitsidis is from England (with parents from Greece and South Africa). He caught the travel bug in 1992 and decided to visit all countries in Europe. When he was done with that he set his sight for all the countries in the world. That was completed in 2008. But that did not stop Harry from exploring the globe. He decided to travel not just to all countries in the world. He decided them in to regions. That way he was not just visiting one little corner of each country. Harry has also went to visit as many small remote lands as he could. He is still on that mission and has created a fantastic website for extreme travelers called Nomad Mania. I just love that website, where I can tick off every little region I have been to in the world. Harry himself ranks as #3 on that website, when it comes to visiting places around the world. On top of that, Harry Mitsidis is just a really pleasant person to be around. And he is very happy to help fellow travelers with advice. This is really a guy who has decided to make traveling his life mission.

Who is Henrik Jeppesen.

Henrik Jeppesen is the youngest person to visit all countries in the world. He managed to do that before he turned 28. Henrik is from a small rural town in north Denmark called Thisted. So it’s not like he has grown up in an international environment (Neither have I by the way). He has also managed to visit all the countries in the world on a fairly tight budget. He has partly financed it with his blog Henrik Travel. And as people started to realise that he was serious about his project, sponsors started to show up. But he has really banged to complete this project on a very limited budget. And he is still roaming the globe and visiting new places.

As a person who has dedicated my life to traveling the world, it was really nice to spend an evening with these two grand masters of traveling. And I look forward to meeting up with both Harry Mitsidis and Henrik Jeppesen again.


  1. Eva Amalia Torrealba Iriarte

    Hi from México Claus, wonderful you met these 2 guys: Its very cool to now people had travel a loooooot. Hugs from here ….. Cheers !

  2. Henrik Jeppesen fra Thy er en meget berejst person. Jeg har mødt ham af flere omgange: flere store internationale har berettet om hans færden i årenes løb såsom Lonely Planet, DR1 og CNN.

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