Restaurante o Aviao.

The owner of restaurant O Aviao, Augostino.

On the Azores you have a restaurant filled with airplane motives on the walls. It’s located in Ponta Delgada and owned by a retired pilot.

I found this place purely by chance. Actually I have been to Ponta Delgada more than 20 times and never noticed it before now. It looks like your typical little family run restaurant from the outside. In many ways it also is just another local restaurant.

tiles airplanes

Blue and white Portuguese tiles with airplane motives are all over the restaurant.

But the difference with this establishment is that the owner is a pilot, who used to work for the Azores national airline SATA.

Augostino, as his name is, has decorated the entire restaurant with airline motives. First of all lot’s of Portuguese tiles, with airplanes on. They are from the airline SATA that he used to work for, of course.

I was totally unaware that this little local haunt had such a unique wall decoration, the first time I went there.

Being a life long traveler and aviation geek, I could only fall in love with this little restaurant.

tiles SATA airplane

All the airplanes on the walls are from the local airline SATA.

What is the food like at restaurant Aviao?

The food I typical food from the Azores and Portugal.

Lot’s of seafood, topped up with rice, potatoes and salad. But also other items is on the menu.

This is not a fine dining place, but an every day restaurants where the local families like to hang out.

Just like a few tourists find their way to the place as well.

The staff is cheerful and friendly. And the owner is easy to recognize with his grey moustache and friendly smile.

I decided to wrote this little blogpost because I think that a few aviation geeks would appreciate knowing that such a place exists.

If you have not flown with Sata Air Azores yet, then I have a review of the airline on this link. It’s a quite nice airline.

Restaurante O Aviao.

Restaurante O Aviao.

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