The Deutsche Bahn high speed trains have nice little cafes

The Deutsche Bahn high speed trains have nice little cafes.

Travelers often associate train travel in Europe as something expensive. But in Germany it can often be cheaper than even cheapest budget airlines. if you do it the right way on the Deutsche Bahn website.

I just took a train from Kempten, in the very south of Germany, to Flensburg in the very north of Germany. This was a journey of roughly 1000 kilometers. The ticket cost me 30€. And that was including my big backpack and my daypack, where I have my camera and laptop. The train I took had departure and arrival right in the center of the towns I traveled to and from. So no extra cost of transportation, like you mostly have at airports.

The total journey was 10 hours and 56 minutes. The trains I took departed and arrived on the minute. Maybe that sounds a little long, but I was in nice and comfortable trains, with plenty of legroom. On the long stretch between Munich and Hamburg, the train had a restaurant car and free wifi all the way.

All in all, I consider this journey much preferable to a flight, where I would have to get to and from two airports. Having to spend time going through check in and security.

High speed German train.

High speed German train.

So how did I get this train ticket for 30€? I went to the website of Deutsche Bahn a few weeks before the journey. Deutsche Bahn have started to give some very large discounts on especially long distance train travel, if booked well in advance. Especially if you are ready to have a departure that is a little early, or a little late in the day. Some people might argue that this is a little annoying. But this is exactly the same thing you have to do if you want a cheap plane ticket. You need to tie yourself to a fixed travel plan if you want these cheap tickets. Just like you have to when you book a cheap plane ticket.

Very comfortable seating in German trains.

Very comfortable seating in German trains.

As someone who flies between 50 and 100 times a year, I can only say that I am very happy to be able to use this alternative when traveling through Germany. I think a lot of train companies around the world should try and learn from Deutsche Bahn in this regard. It would give them many more happy travelers. It would put more people on trains that are more environmentally friendly too. My respect to Deutsche Bahn. If you want to check their website for cheap tickets, then you have a link Here

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