Qatar Airways.

Onboard Qatar Airways.

Here is a review of Qatar Airways. An airline that I have flown many times and quite like.

I fly overseas quite a bit. I have a job (I’m a freelance tour guide) that requires me to fly to various countries every year. When flying to Asia, I often chose to fly Qatar Airways. It’s a fabulous airline. And Qatar Airways allows me to stop roughly half way to Asia and get out and stretch my legs at Doha Airport.

Seat comfort on Qatar Airways.

I mostly fly economy. So this is what I will talk about here. Economy class seats on Qatar Airways are quite good. There is a reasonable amount of legspace. And the seats are quite comfortable. All in all, a fair bit above average.

Seats Qatar Airways.

The seats are quite comfortable.

Inflight entertainment.

The inflight entertainment is very impressive at first sight. Nice quality large personal screens on all seats. And everything is free of charge. There are hundreds of things to chose between. Lot’s of movies, tv series and documentaries. I’m fairly happy with it myself. But I rarely watch a movie on Qatar Airways, as they seem to have endless B movies. But very few quality movies. I think this is because of the old airline problem, that they are afraid to upset anyone with a movie. So all movies that has a bit of edge in the story are filtered out. This is unfortunately a problem on most airlines. The last 4 times I have flown Qatar Airways, they have had a range of Ted Talks in the entertainment system. That is something O have been very happy with. So all in all I am happy with the entertainment system. Even if there is room for improvement.

Food and drink on Qatar Airways.

Everything you consume on Qatar Airways is free. Both food and drinks, including alcoholic drinks. Their food on economy class is ok, if you ask me. Nothing great, but ok. and since you always have 2 or 3 choices of food, I can always get something I am ok with. I’m not one of these persons who hate airline food, by the way. Even though it’s not great food, I can easily live with it. and mostly enjoy it too. And on Qatar Airways, it’s a little above average. The wine is well above average. This is one thing that I really like about Qatar Airways. They always have 2-3 types of free red wine to chose from. And it’s mostly of a very decent quality. Not super expensive wine. But decent liddle class wine. And since it’s all free, then you won’t hear me complain.

Drinks Qatar Airways.

Food and drink is fine onboard Qatar Airways. And alcohol is free.

The cabin crew is good.

Qatar Airways generally have very good cabin crew. They are often Asian and are clearly well trained. I have never had a single situation with Qatar Airways cabin crew, where I felt that things were wrong. They have always service minded and professional towards me. So thumbs up to these hard working people.

Bicycles are free with Qatar Airways.

I fly quite a lot with my bicycle, as I am a Tour cyclist. And one of the very best things with Qatar Airways is that they have very generous baggage limits. and they count a bicycle as an ordinary piece of luggage, as long as it’s wrapped up, or packed in a bag or in a box. This is a big money saver for us tour cyclists. And another good reason to consider this airline.

Large airplane.

Large and modern planes.

Changing planes in Doha Airport.

When flying Qatar Airways, you will always end up changing planes in Doha, unless Doha is your final destination. Hamad International Airport, as it is called, is quite new. It opened in 2014 and is in most ways a very modern airport. There are lot’s of places to sit down, or even lie down and relax. There are some quiet rooms, where the light is turned almost off. and it’s popular to go and take a nap on the floor there, while waiting for a flight connection. Food wise, the airport is quite good. Drink wise, they have a decent wine choice at the bars. The beer choices are quite poor and mainly down to lousy quality beer, such as Heineken, Stella, Carlsberg and Guinness. Would be great if they started selling some good craft beer at Doha Airport.

Biggest problem with Doha Airport is that the wifi totally sucks at the moment. It used to be ok, so they have figured out how to work it in the past. But they really need to kick out the provider that they have at the moment, cause it is close to being the worst airport wifi of any major airport. Wifi is something that is of great importance when changing planes. So please get this fixed guys, if anyone from the airport staff ever reads this.

My overall verdict.

All together, Qatar Airways is a very good airline. Nice big planes and good service. It’s not everything that is perfect. But they are one of the airlines that comes the closest to ticking all my boxes. On a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest and 10 the highest, I will give them an 8

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