Home sweet home

I live in a hotel room more than 300 days a year because I work as a tour leader and live a life as a professional globetrotter and have no permanent place to live. It’s been like this for more than 8 years and when you live out of a hotel room, then you develop some habits that are totally natural to you, but might differ a bit from the way other people live their life.

Doing your laundry often looks like this.


Bathtubs were made for cleaning your dirty clothes.

Drying your socks often looks like this.


You don’t need to have long hair to make use of a hair dryer.

When you park your bicycle it usually looks like this.

2009 470

Sleeping next to your bike is almost like sleeping with a pretty girl.

The views from your balcony tend to be like this.


Life in a hotel room.

You can fit all your earthly belongings in to this.


That is all you need in life.

You think “another day at the office” when you see a photo like this.


I have been to the bar in this hotel more than 25 times, even if it sucks.


When your angry girlfriend leaves you it looks like this.


Life in a hotel room.


When your angry girlfriend comes back for revenge it looks like this.


Welcome to my love life.



If you want to read more about my crazy life as a no stop traveler, then you might wanna have a look at this link for some more sex, drugs and other things that makes life fun: my crazy life


  1. Having just spent 5 days away, each night in a different hotel I have no idea how you’ve managed it for 8 years! Respect to you! I absolutely loved it, and want to do more cycling travel abroad but it was so nice to come home and see what I had been hiding at the bottom of my bag! Love the way you dry your socks!

  2. HAHA1 hilarious!

  3. Wow, living in a hotel definitely looks like a “fun”, but a tough job! Don’t use the hairdryer like that, it can overheat and lead to something unpleasant!

  4. I’ve also brought my bicycle up to my room on occasion. But I don’t usually have views like those.

  5. Cinthya from Mexico

    Haha! The hairdryer and the socks, nice tip!!

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