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Flying with SATA Air Acores.

he has a good point Flying with SATA Air Acores.

I have flown with SATA  air Acores several times over the past 6 years and i thought i would share my opinion about this fine little airline here.

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SATA Air Acores has been around since 1941 and is the oldest airline in Portugal. It’s the flag carrier of the Azores and has it’s main base in Ponta Delgado on Sao Miguel Island on the Azores.

They fly both domestic and international, serving several airports in North America and Europe with flights to the Azores. It has now merged with it’s subsidiary airline Air Azores and is now called SATA Air Azores.

SATA airplane.

you could try here SATA airplane.

Onboard service on SATA Air Acores.


SATA Air Acores has what I would call above average onboard service on their flights, when flying on Economy Class (I mostly fly Economy, so this is what I review).

On international flights you get free food and drinks, including alcoholic beverages and on domestic flights they usually serve me a snack and a soft drink and a coffee. All in all not too bad in these days of increasing budget travel.

They planes are either Airbus or Bombardier planes and they seem well maintained to me. I fly a lot and know a bit about planes and notice if they are shabby with things, but SATA Air Acores seems like an airline that takes maintenance and safety serious and I feel totally safe flying with them.

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And SATA Air Acores is a friendly airline.

Flight attendant from SATA comforting a passenger.

45 year old man dating 25 year old woman Flight attendant from SATA comforting a passenger.

Being a person who flies 80-90 times per year, I pay attention to how the cabin crew acts in the many airlines i fly

And it’s nice to see that the cabin crew on SATA Air Acores have time for the passengers. I’m happy that they are not trying to hide from the clients, except when they are trying to sell them stuff. I often pop out back and say hello to the staff during a flight and it has always been a nice experience doing that with SATA Air Acores.

And I have seen them give extra personal service to passengers when needed in a way where you can see that they are actually given time to do that by the airlines.

All in all, this is an airlines that I would give an 8 on a scale from 1 to 10. It’s not a luxury airline by any means, but it’s an ordinary airline where things they work and that is what I am first of all looking for as a frequent flier.

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And hey everyone:

The Azores is one of the nicest and most unique travel destinations in the world, so you have all reasons to fly with them 🙂

Few places are nicer than the Azores.

check my blog Few places are nicer than the Azores.

The Pico volcano on the Azores.

The Pico volcano on the Azores.



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  1. SATA Boston to Ponta Delgada always turns air nozzles off suffocating passengers ihn a stinky environment and when asked to bring water you are ignored. Nice airline!

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