Train Sweden.

Nice view from the train Window when taking the train from Copenhagen to Stockholm.

If you are traveling between Copenhagen and Stockholm, then you should really consider taking the train. There are many good reasons to do so.

When traveling between Copenhagen and Stockholm, you have a few choices. You can fly. Take the train. Take the bus. Or drive yourself. I do not have a driver’s license, so I will leave it up to other people to review that. But I would like to tell you guys, why I think taking the train between Copenhagen and Stockholm is the best way to travel that route.



Swedish trains are really good.

Most Swedish trains are excellent. When taking the train between Copenhagen and Stockholm, I prefer the train called Snälltåget that travels between Malmø and Stockholm. I can connect to that from Copenhagen very easily, as there are commuter trains between Copenhagen And Malmø every 30 minutes. Snälltåget has very comfortable compartments with decent legroom. Most importantly it has an excellent restaurant car. The restaurant car in Snälltåget does not only serve drinks and light snacks. Hot meals. Several types of beer, including craft beer. I fly +50 times a year, as I travel +300 days a year. But sitting on a plane really bores me, as I can not move around the plane very much. If I am stuck next to someone who does not want to have a conversation, then I am stuck with my laptop, my book and whatever inflight entertainment there might be. The Swedish trains offer way better service than any airline in this regard.

Restaurant car Snälltåget

The restaurant car in Snälltåget is very nice.

I love restaurant cars on trains.

When taking a train with a restaurant car, I can move around the train, while it’s moving. Find a nice seat in the restraint car. When I am there, I often find that I have nice conversations with people there, as restaurant cars tend to attract talkative types. Those who don’t want to talk will usually stay in their seats in the regular compartments. Restaurant cars also have good tables, so that I can open my laptop and work if I need to. I love to be efficient and get the eating and drinking done on the train, so that I do not have to worry about that upon arrival to my destination.

train view

I love the view from the Swedish trains.

Swedish long distance trains are surprisingly cheap.

Many people do not even think about searching for train tickets when going long distance. They simply regard it as something that will cost a lot more than a plane ticket these days. But swedish trains have a price structure that is comparable to budget airlines. So if you book 2-3 weeks in advance, then you can get really good deals. I recently paid 415 Swedish Kroner for a train ticket between Copenhagen and Stockholm. This ticket was bought only two days prior to departure. 415 Swedish kroner is roughly 42€. And this is INCLUDING luggage. Something you have to pay extra for on most budget airlines these days. Do not forget that both Copenhagen and Stockholm central train station are right in the city center. While Copenhagen Airport is quite close to the city center and cheap to get to, Arlanda Airport in Stockholm is way out of the city. The public transport to Arlanda is quite pricey. So even if you can get a plane ticket for, let’s say 20€, then it will end up being way more expensive, once you have added to the cost of getting to and from the airports. If you have any checked in luggage, then it will be even more. So check out the Swedish railway website the next time you think about taking the train from Copenhagen to Stockholm. Or anywhere in Sweden for that matter.

Train travel has made a big comeback in Sweden.

Sweden is the country of Greta Thunberg. This can be seen in the way that many Swedes are genuinely concerned about low impact travel. It was striking to me how many people were talking about sustainable travel, while I was enjoying my breakfast in the train car the other day, as I was taking the train between Copenhagen and Stockholm. I find this very positive. We should for sure continue to travel, as it broadens our mind and keeps the wheels turning. But if we can travel in a more sustainable way, while still being able to afford it, then we should do that.

The views from swedish train windows are really nice too. Sweden is a country that is filled with lakes and forests. And seeing Sweden through a train window is one of the more pleasant things you can treat yourself to.

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  1. I never drive in Europe. I almost always use trains. I love the relaxation and the cost savings

  2. I take the train from Malmö/Lund to Stockholm a Dee Times a year. It’s about a 4.5 hour journey and so comfortable compared to a cramped small plane.

  3. Looking forward to riding the rails again next year in Europe.

  4. Good post! I love your views from the train windows. I always travel by train from one city to the next, or by bicycle within the cities. I haven’t flown or driven a car since 2005, and that has made a great improvement in my quality of life.

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