Cycling along Flamengo beach.

source url Cycling along Flamengo beach.

I just spend the day cycling around Rio de Janeiro and it’s a surprisingly good places for cycling in some parts of the city, just like some other areas are not that suited for it. I will show you a few places here where it’s good to go if you plan to go cycling around Rio de Janeiro.

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I stay in hotels more than 300 nights a year and I am amazed and disappointed how many upscale hotels still have really bad wifi connections at their place. In these modern times, having a good wifi connection is extremely important to business travelers and holiday makers wants it too, so if you don’t get better soon, then you will go out of business.

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Mertola is just around the corner.

rencontre usep natation Mertola is just around the corner.

I’m cycling around southern Portugal right now, but the breaks on my bicycle broke to pieces yesterday and I am now stuck here for a day or two extra, while I am finding some new brakes, but at least it’s one of the nicest places in Portugal to be stuck. More »

Madeira has a nice airport.

follow Madeira has a nice airport.

I have flown more than 800 times during the past 19 years and have been to many many airports around the world. I have not been to all airports around the world, but this is my verdict on the +100 airports I have visited over the years.

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I'm a global vagabond I’m a global vagabond.

Over the past 29 years, I have been working in 35 different countries. That is of the 75 countries i have visited so far. While I also love to travel through a country purely as a visitor, Working in a foreign country gives you a whole different insight to a place. More »